If you saw our social media post of our 3D printed drone and wanted to know more, this is for you! This post is a breakdown of how we 3D printed a new shell for the Hubsan x4 drone and reduced it weight by 30%

Optimize work efficiency, as batch production can take place overnight in non-working hours with no supervision.

Since the beginning of 3D printing technologies in the 1980s, the purpose has stayed the same to produce a digital model designed on a computer to be made in physical form. With 3D printing evolving new methods of printing have come about. Today we will take a look at FDM & MSLA techniques of printing how they compare, but first, let us learn how FDM and MSLA works.

  • What is a lattice structure?

  • How do lattice structures benefit your models?

  • What lattice patterns are available?

  • Customised prosthetics and implants

  • Personalised medical products and equipment.

  • Anatomical models for surgical planning and education

In the past additive manufacturing in footwear was used to create precise and fast moulds to bring a new product to market. In the last few years, 3D printing has seen a jump. Before, it would provide the prototype shoes before mass manufacturing happens. But now…