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Making Process

How to use 3D Printer for Jewelry Work?


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Why choose u3ds 3D Printer?

High Precision

All U3DS 3D Printers use ultra HD 4K LCD screen which ensures crisp and clean details of every print


The price of the U3DS 3D Printer and resin (Castable & Non-castable) is very economical, Even small jewelry makers can afford it.

U3DS 3D Printers supports BlueCast resins (X1 and X10) BlueCast is known for HIGH-PERFORMANCE CASTABLE RESIN FOR 3D PRINTERS

Direct casting

Direct casting material (Wax type material) can be printed with all U3DS printers, no need to make silicone or rubber molds for the wax model, most complicated and detailed parts can be printed and cast easily.

Simplest work-flow

U3DS team designs machines so user-friendly and easy to use, no need for long training. Machines can be operated by anyone

6 Step Jewelry Making Process with Ultraone

1 - CAD Design

Prepare a Jewelry CAD Design with your CAD Software

2 - .STL File

Convert CAD Design into STL file format to use with U3DS slicing software

3 - Prepare a Program

Take STL file into U3DS slicing software and prepare a program to start a 3D Print with UltraOne.

4 - 3D Print with UltraOne

Transfer sliced file from U3DS Slicing software to UltraOne and start a 3D Print of CAD Design. You have CAM Piece Ready with you.

5 - CAM Finishinge

Now you have CAM Piece of your CAD design, Do a proper finish with tools and use it for Silicone Mold / Direct Casting Process.

6 - Jewelry is ready

Do High Temperature Jewelry Casting from CAM Piece, and Your CAD design is Ready as a final Jewelry.

Work Gallery

Jewelry CAM work from U3DS 3D Printer

A next-generation JEWELRY 3D printer

Fast and affordable Jewelry cam work Made Accessible for all with U3DS 3D Printers

Jewelry 3D Printing material

Jewelry castable resin

Ash free

High precision

Good casting performance

Produce high-quality jewelry pieces

For the gold, silver, and copper ornaments direct casting

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Jewelry model resin

Low settlement

High hardness

High precision & resolution

Smooth print surface

Perfect for silicone and rubber molds

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