Rapid Prototyping for Agile Product Development

Desktop 3D printing empowers engineers and product designers to rapidly prototype in-house,

saving time and costs at every stage of product development.

Proven Performance From Prototype to Production with U3DS 3D Printers

Companies across the industrial and consumer technology space are adopting our ultra-precision additive manufacturing solutions to increase speed to market, build more resilient supply chains, and improve production more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

Today, U3DS has earned the trust of engineers and manufacturers through 3D Printing solutions that deliver proven results and a payback measured in months.


The highest resolution 4K desktop 3D printer


The desktop Industrial build-size 3d printer


ULTRA 4K 3D Printer


Print Bigger with Amazing Details

Journey from concept to production with U3DS 3D Printers

Concept validation

Elevate initial ideas with low-risk concept explorations that look like real products. From CAD to physical object in no time, rapidly develop, evaluate, and iterate a range of designs in-house.

Rapid Prototyping

Looks-Like: Test design iterations and communicate ideas to stakeholders affordably and quickly.

Works-Like: Reliably develop proofs of concept and test functional prototypes with materials closely matching common injection-molded plastics.

Feels-Like: Simulate a range of materials from rubber to rigid, and create prototypes with the smooth finish and feel of end products.


Use advanced materials to design for manufacturability.

Create small-batch runs or one-off custom solutions for comprehensive field and in-house testing before investing in expensive tooling for production.


With 3D printing, the design doesn't have to end when production begins.

Continuously improve products and respond quickly and effectively to issues on the line with jigs and fixtures that improve assembly or QA processes.

Fast Track Your Ideas Into Production with Future-Ready Materials


  • Non brittleHigh precision

  • Smooth print surface

  • Anti-scratch, great weathering

  • Super strong with tenacity

  • Suitable for different post-processing like drilling, tapping, assembling, etc

Super-Flexible resin

  • Fast printing, less deformation

  • high precision with a smooth surface.

  • Impact resistance, anti- folding

  • Good elasticity

  • Tear resistance

  • Bending resistant

  • High toughness

Super Hard-Tough

  • Tearing resistance

  • Wear-resisting

  • Anti-folding

  • Fast bouncing back

  • High toughness

  • High impact resistance

  • Strong and durable

High-Temp resin

  • Good temperature resistance

  • Heat resistance

  • High precision

  • High hardness

  • High strength

  • High rigidity

U3DS High-Performance Engineering Materials helps to

Simulate a range of common injection-molded plastics with resins designed for the most demanding applications.