additive manufacturing in medical

How is 3D printing used in the medical field?

  • Customized prosthetics and implants

  • Personalized medical products and equipment

  • Anatomical models for surgical planning and education

In this blog, we show a brief example of anatomical models for surgical planning and education 3D printed on U3DS 3D Printer

The skull & brain in standard Clear resin 3D printed on U3DS 3D printer (Brain Red Dyed)

Anatomical 3D printed skull

Additive manufacturing is saving lives by tackling the medical industry with bone reconstruction operations. This technology helps to make custom products that can be tailored for each patient, outside and inside their bodies. The ability to sculpt in CAD part of a human body, 3D print it and carry out an operation to implement it into a patient's body is phenomenal. To do this kind of operation prototypes have to be made and various parties in the medical industry must come and work together.

Issues / Challenges

Hospitals and GPs require anatomical models to explain to patients what procedure needs to be carried out before an operation. The use of anatomical models is to help in classrooms when teaching future doctors and nurses about human anatomy.

We can first 3D scan a part of their body and then 3D print the part from the scanning data. We can do this to better understand the operation that will need to be carried out on the patient for the operation.

What are the benefits of using additive manufacturing?

  • Reduced number of components through design freedom after 3D scanning

  • Manufacture parts on-demand

  • Custom versions / limited edition runs

  • Economical price for low numbers of units


With the MSLA 3D printing method we can use Clear Pro resin to make transparent models. The transparent resin can be dyed after cleaning but before the final curing process in the chamber. The ability to dye the models in the different multi-purpose dyes gives us more flexibility for surface finishes.

With no labor in assembly, the final product is ready for shipping right after it's been 3D printed.

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