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  • U3DS was built on the belief that 3D printing technology could serve businesses better and more profitably.

  • By taking feedback from our customers and combining it with our experience in this field, we bring you 3D printing solutions designed to exceed expectations.

  • The U3DS product line is engineered to give users fast, dependable, and easy-to-use solutions that deliver unmatched print resolution and value.

  • Whether it’s a custom design or large-scale manufacturing, lean on U3DS’ 3D printing solutions and know you’ve got the best value in the industry.

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Focus on SLA-LCD Technology Which is Faster and gives results with high resolution, Our Goal is to Let You Finish Your Job More Efficiently!

High-Performance 3D Printing, Finally Within Reach

Accuracy, precision, and reproducibility

Go for quality

  • You can be sure the 3D printer will precisely reproduce the measurements in your CAD models with an accuracy of 0.15 mm, and that all prints will be identical.

  • You can produce even the most sophisticated and detailed parts with a minimum layer height of 0.025 mm and a wall thickness of 0.4 mm*.

Meet the UltraOne

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Ultra 2 is India’s first ultra-4k high-precision, compacted-size desktop resin 3D printer.

It uses a 6.6-inch ultra-4K high-resolution monochrome LCD, an upgraded COB UV light source structure, and a new release film for printing.

KEY Features

  • Ultra 4K Monochrome LCD screen

  • COB light source

  • Faster print speed

  • Bigger build volume (143mm*89mm*220mm)

  • Smart internal cooling system

  • Ultra-precision, XY resolution: 0.035mm (4098*2560px)

  • High-quality industrial components and super steady design

Meet the ULTRA 2

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  • Build volume - 190*120*300mm

  • XY resolution - 50microns

  • Z resolution - 25microns to 100microns*

  • Resins - most of the available 405nm resin

The PlusUltra combines ultrafast printing with carefully designed flows and components, giving you a premium desktop 3D printing experience like no other.

The PlusUltra combines desktop versatility with speed, unlocking dramatic production potential for a wide range of industries.


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The most advanced and reliable desktop Industrial 3d printer

Biggest build volume SLA Desktop 3D Printer

  • Build volume - 293*165*300mm

  • XY resolution - 76.5microns

  • Z resolution - 25microns to 100microns*

  • Resins - most of the available 405nm resin


  • Engineering

  • Research & Development of new Products

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Jewelry

  • Art

The U3DS LipsOne delivers high-resolution parts at a very low cost without compromising quality and accuracy.

The Technology behind U3DS LipsOne relies on a high-resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting to cure solid isotropic parts of a high-quality liquid photopolymer resin layer by layer.

Meet the LIPSONE

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Optical Perfection and Outstanding Mechanical Design

These Capabilities make our MSLA 3D Printers more Reliable 3D Printer than any others. Even in the same Specification, We Get Better Resolution & Sharpness in Each Print.

Become a part of the U3DS family and join the next industrial revolution

3D-printing resins for endless applications

U3DS provides premium photopolymers for Resin 3D Printing (LCD, SLA, and DLP technologies) Our high-end polymers are suitable for a wide range of industries including prototyping, dental, medical, jewelry, industrial, entertainment, consumer goods, and automotive.

1- Standard resin

2- Premium Plus resin

1- Super Hard-Tough resin 2- Super-Flexible resin

3- High-Temp resin 4- ABS-Like resin

1- Dental castable resin

2- Dental model resin

1- Jewelry castable resin

2- Jewelry model resin

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